Seared scallops and grilled vegetables on a white plate
Red cocktail on a wooden table with a leafy backdrop
Lady forming Chinese dumplings by hand in a white chef coat and black apron
Shrimp ceviche in a tomato based sauce in a white bowl with fried plantains and micro greens
Pink cocktail on a wooden table with a lime wheel and chili salt
Man rolling dough for Chinese dumplings in a white hat and white chefs coat with a black apron
Top down view of a souffle with vanilla ice cream and passion fruit anglaise on an oblong white plate
Tall black cocktail with a pink orchid on a wooden board and a white table
Bartender pours out a green cocktail into a tall glass wearing a tiki shirt and a lei
Top down view of an orange cocktail with powdered sugar around the table and an orange slice with sugar coated raspberries
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